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We are a family with 4 little boys living on 20 acres in the country in Preston, Idaho with our amazing Griffons. Frank will be our stud dog for all of our females and he comes the famous griff, "Mr. Brown", a prestigious WPG sired by Palos Triangle Cote Roanniase. Frank is the whole griff package being trained to hunt on a whistle with a high drive and yet the very best family dog that is very sweet and loving in the home. You can check out all the pedigrees on our website.  

All our dogs have proven to be excellent hunters.  As young pups they have been exposed to many different situations and have had a lot of experiences.  We live next to a reservoir which they both love because they are definitely water dogs and love to swim! They are all naturally inclined to please and have been extremely easy to train.  Amanda runs marathons and our dogs take turns being her running companions for many miles.  Our boys are little cowboys and you can find them riding their horses up the mountains near our house with a couple of our griffs following along. We love to get in some pheasant hunting during pheasant season and Frank is professionally trained to bird hunt with a whistle. Our griffs are all fantastic with children with excellent temperaments. We believe the griff is an all-around and extremely versatile dog that can do it all. They are big couch potatoes (and sometimes lap-dogs) in the house and all business in the field.

If you're looking for the full package we believe that you will find it in our Wire-haired Griffons!

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call 208-851-1131 if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them!

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The Jones' family