From Steven Donofrio: NYC

I couldn't be more pleased with Glendale.From start to finish Cort and Amanda made the process simple and seamless.Communication was great with weekly videos and pics,and I always received prompt responses from texts and emails.The pup is calm and intelligent.Hes comfortable around small children and adults.Im amazed at how much he has learned in 16 weeks.This is my first time training a pup and he already has mastered most basic commands.Hes fully housebroken and doesn't tear up the house.I can only attribute his good behavior to his genetics because my training skills are novice at best.Living next to a state park the pup spends a lot of time in the woods and shows great instincts already.If your interested in getting a griffon your in good hands with Cort and Amanda.

Working with the Jones' was a fantastic process, start to finish. While they were completely professional regarding the transactional side of buying a puppy, their personal contact with both us and our pup, Frankie, is what sets them apart. We had a lengthy phone conversation before we decided to buy a puppy to ensure we and a Griffon would be good fits for each other. They sent videos of the puppies, emails, pics; when we picked up our boy, it was from their home with their children and our puppy's mom running about, part of the family. We have four children and it was important our puppy be used to play, being held, and the noises of a busy house. He came and was calm and comfortable as could be; plus, he immediately latched on to our older dog and was instantly comfortable being part of the pack (another benefit of being raised around older dogs). We love our Griffon and have been continually impressed by the breed, but we're certain he got an excellent headstart from the Joneses.

Amanda Calton


My family has always had gun dogs as long as I've been alive (plus 50 years) so it was only natural for me to want to add to that. I initially was interested in a GWP but temperment with other animals was a big issue for me. Then I came across the Griffon breed. Fast forward, I actually found Glendale Griffons on Instagram one night late when they posted pup pictures. I spoke with Cort the next day about the breed and temperment and decided that was the way to go for me. June flew in to Alabama last may and has been making Griffon fans since. Shes loyal, loving and learns extremely fast. We are now introducing quail and guns and have done really well with both. I will be a griffon owner for life and will always recommend Glendale Griffons for anyone that asks "what kind of dog is that?" or "where did you get her?". Amanda and Cort did a great job lining up the "doggie delivery" and also with rasing them to be used to kids, noises and holding. June has been a joy to us and continues to make us laugh daily. Thank you again Glendale Griffons.

Kirby Allen

Our dog "Copper" was from Glendale Griffons first litter with their dog "Scout". I found out about Glendale Griffons via their instagram page when it was new. I am very happy to see the success they are having with their dogs and would like to say that they have done a phenomenal job!

I would highly recommend Glendale Griffons to anyone looking for a griffon. Outstanding breeder who has worked very hard on their success. Not only do they provide premium dogs with high quality genes, they really hit the nail on communication. All throughout the process of getting copper, they provided timely updates on the whole process from start to finish and answered any question/concerns we've had. 

One thing I did not expect was their follow up communication after purchasing our dog. We got copper about 2.5 years ago and Glendale Griffons has reached out to us multiple times since to check on how things are going.

Our lives have changed since we got copper and we couldn't be happier. She is the perfect fit for our family. She enjoys hiking, shed hunting, going for car rides, and makes us laugh with her personality. We haven't introduced her to bird hunting "yet" but I can definitely comment on her natural instincts as they are very dominant. she points at all birds (and things that look like birds) lol. She is very alert with her surroundings and notices everything that flies over her head. She's been around gun shots and loud fireworks and is not frightened by them. She's also very athletic and strong. I'm proud to say I have a purebred Griffon from Glendale Griffons!

Jordan Rushton

Absolutely awesome experience. Amanda gave weekly video updates of the whole litter and individual pup updates as they progressed. I had the last pick and have an outstanding puppy Gus. He's smart, with high drive and loads of natural hunting instinct. I would definitely purchase another pup from this breeder!

Collin Nicholson

Cifuentes family from South Carolina:

Repeat Customers = Satisfied Customers
We were extremely satisfied with the ease of communication and interaction with Glendale Griffons in the acquisition of Harry Brown. We were a bit weary about purchasing a dog from across the country, however Amanda and Cort both made this a phenomenal experience. While they promised (and complied) with weekly videos, they were very open and receptive to emails/texts/calls to answer questions, request additional photos or discuss traits of each pup to aid in decision making process. The transport from Idaho to SC was an anxiety provoking situation, but Harry Brown was unfazed, happy and playful since he came out of the kennel. In regards to the health and temperament of Scouts puppy, we could not be happier. Harry is extremely intelligent, easy to train, great with kids and very eager to please. We would not hesitate one bit to work with Glendale Griffons again to acquire another Wirehaired Pointing Griffon….

The Cifuentes Family. 

My wife, son and I picked up our WPG "Teton" from Cort and Amanda Jones in August 2016 and have enjoyed every moment with our new pup ever since. I've never met a more transparent breeder than Glendale Griffons as Amanda sent photos and videos of the pups on a weekly basis from the time we paid our deposit up until the week of delivery. Before choosing Glendale Griffons as the preferred source of our new pup, we did extensive research on the breed and most importantly the selection of breeders. We were prepared to be placed on a waiting list with a reputable breeder, but as luck would have it, Glendale happened to have a few males remaining in their current litter. What really sold us on Glendale Griffons was the puppy's exposure to young children with the Jones kids being very active with the pups each and every day. This was important to us knowing that the pup would instantly embrace our 3.5 year old son and that bond is growing each day. We are excited about out Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Cort and Amanda Jones' Glendale Griffons and super eager to travel back to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming with our "Teton" for annual hunting and fishing trips!

Thank you Jones' Family and Glendale Griffons!!

Charles, Nicole and Weston Harvey
...and Teton!!
Round Rock, Texas

Darren & Reeta
We got our beautiful WPG puppy, Maggie, from Amanda and Cort's September 2017 litter. We'd done our research into the breed and knew it would be a good match for our lifestyle and family. 

Throughout the process Amanda and Cort kept weekly contact via messages, photos and videos. They were always happy to answer our questions. Maggie flew to us (we live in DC), and Amanda kept us informed every step of the way. At the airport we were greeted by a well-travelled but a healthy, happy puppy who instantly started wagging her tail and licking my fingers. There was no whinnying or whining in the night; she felt right at home with us. We could not be happier with our puppy girl. 

We love how alert and affectionate Maggie is. She is easygoing and very, very happy. We can tell that she has been beautifully socialised and well loved by Cort and Amanda's family. 

Maggie is such a delight with so much love for everyone she meets. She is well known in our neighbourhood, and people can't resist to stop and pet her. Maggie has endeared our daughter's school friends, who indulge her in attention at drop off and pick up times. Maggie is in her element, basking in all the attention. 

Maggie also got used to socialising with other dogs at Amanda and Cort's; thanks to that, she is friendly with all the dogs in our neighbourhood. 

Maggie's vet is very pleased with her progress, and always comments on how friendly and relaxed she is about being handled. 

We have been astonished by how motivated Maggie is to learn and follow commands. At thirteen weeks, house training, lead walking, as well as commands like sit, stay, lie down and fetch are going really well. We are working on 'drop' and 'don't tear the newspaper' :D She already lets us know when she needs to go to the garden, and is able to hold it in if we are out. 

In fact, even though initially we weren't planning on with hunting with Maggie, now that we understand better how her innate ability for pointing works, and how apt she is at spotting birds, we would like to respect and work with that. Thus, we plan to start training with a local hunting club in the spring. 

Further, Maggie doesn't seem to be fazed by anything: building sites, different kinds of vehicles, lights flashing, loud noises, travelling by car, groups of people, umbrellas, water, bikes, leaf blowers....she is curious to explore everything, sometimes with due caution but never frightened. 

We could not recommend Amanda and Cort Jones highly enough. Maggie had the best possible start to her life with them.

I highly recommend Glendale Griffons if you are looking for a guality breeder. Working with the Jones's was a fantastic experience when it comes to purchasing a puppy. From the initial contact email to the day I picked Miley up from the airport, Amanda and Cort kept me informed everystep of the way. Weekly video updates alog with texts and pictures of the pups progress was great! They really made me feel as if I was there watching my pup grow and change every week. Amanda and Cort made my first time of buying a puppy a very pleasant experience and I couldn't ask for anything more, they exceeded my expectations! Miley is 16 weeks old now and is doing amazing! She loves people and is great around other dogs! Very smart dog as well I must say, she has been doing an outstaning job in puppy training. A greay guality Griff all around! 

Thank You Glendale Griffons! 

Bobby C.
Chicago, IL

We acquired our female WPG "Timber" in August of 2016 from the Jones family and Glendale Griffons. We had a wonderfully positive pet experience with Cort and Amanda. They kept us transparently informed on a continuous basis with weekly updates. Our daughter loved to watch the video updates we received. I am an avid upland bird hunter and hunt frequently with my cousins whom have a GSP. When my wife suggested adding a new puppy into our family for our three-year old little girl, I was able to persuade her to consider a bird dog. Luckily she found Cort and Amanda's web page. We were fond of the idea of their family of four boys woo were very active and involved with the puppies as our young daughter loves to play with our schnauzer so we contacted them. Once we spoke to them, we knew that we wanted to get our dog from the Jones family. Our pup arrived healthy, happy and beautiful and has become an integral part of our family. As I write this note, Timber is laying on my lap and tomorrow is the opening day for pheasants/grouse/woodcock here in Pennsylvania. The Jones family and Glendale Griffons will not steer you wrong. Their WPG's are beautiful dogs and Timber is the talk of the town. I also want to add that she is extremely intelligent and is responding well to our efforts to train her in the field.

Jarrett and Amy Johnson

Zach and Delaney- Louisiana

 We have so enjoyed every second with our new puppy. Remi has been spending a lot of time with Zach training and she is a natural, of course! We are so amazed at how smart she is. She picks up all of her commands very quick. Every one she meet just falls in love with her. We love her personality and how sweet she is. We have found that Remi loves her pink flamingo toy, giving lots of kisses, socks, and playing with every dog she meets. She has quickly become best friends with my sisters dogs. She does everything they do and follow them around for hours. They spend all their time switching off chasing each other outside.